Social Media

I pulled double duty on designing and community managing Facebook pages for: Michelob Ultra Canada, Belvedere Vodka Canada & Volvo Canada.

Michelob Ultra: Michelob wanted to focus on its calorie content since that differentiated it from its competitors. We did a series of posts informing our fans of what you could do to ‘earn’ a 95 cal Michelob. We also tried to engage fans by suggesting recipes, exercise routines and inspirational quotes.

Belvedere Vodka: I was very fortunate to have been given beautiful imagery from Belvedere Canada. We engaged Facebook fans by posing questions around beverage recipes.

Volvo: I was also provided with beautiful imagery from Volvo Canada. We tried to push craftsmanship, adventure and safety. We were also able to engage with wonderfully loyal Volvo fanbase by asking them to share stories/memories of there Volvo experiences.

Michelob Ultra Canada/
Belvedere Vodka Canada/
Volvo Canada

art director & Community Manager

Michelob Ultra Canada

Belvedere Vodka Canada

Volvo Cars of Canada