Jonah Raydio

This project originally started as a one off recreation of the 'Jonah Raydio' logo, and after receiving some online love it turned into much more. Since October 2012 I've been creating a piece based on each episode of the podcast. I've chosen a few of my favourites to display here, but the remainder can be found with the hashtag: #goldenraydio

Jonah Raydio
art director

Jonah Raydio logo Vector man wearing a fox mask A silver pistol shooting a flag with the word Jonah on it. A gold pistol shooting a flag with the work Raydio on it. A three teired ice cream cone with an evil face. The ice cream is saying Neil'd it A silhouette of a womans haircut and lips with a floral pattern. A white pair of cat eye framed glasses A bottel of whiskey Three microphones with banner above Jonah Ray's face A sandwich doctor A dog face with a fart cloud billowing out from behind him Low poly image of Jonah Ray's face