New Balance: Run Disney

This microsite was developed for a Run Disney contest sponsored by New Balance and Sport Chek. The Goal of this site was to inform consumes of the Children’s line of New Balance footwear, as well as the races put on by Run Disney. I used the theme of ‘Ready, Set, Go’ to model the different components of the design. The ‘Ready’ section gives the participant an overview of what the contest includes. I wanted to display some of my illustration work as well and ad some interaction with the rollover reveal. The ‘Set’ section give the participant some information on the footwear. The ‘Go’ section was a simple form designed to allow the participant to enter the Run Disney contest. This was a fun and simple site that took a great deal of balance to allow each client to shine.

Run Disney
New Balance
Sport Chek

art director

Run Disney contest microsite Run Disney contest microsite BRun Disney contest microsite Run Disney contest microsite